We support and guide organizations for innovative small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and entrepreneurs. 

Through our advisory, training, and innovation and incubation services we aim to assist in the development of entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial culture.


Our main objective is to create an interactive community of startups, spin-off, entrepreneurs and early stage ventures sharing common interest for innovative Space & Sat technologies, systems and applications. 


The mission is to contribute to the overall economic and social development of the regions through the implementation of support services to entrepreneurs, helping them to transform into reality their innovative business ideas, and the delivery of tailored services to existing SMEs, aimed at modernizing and innovating them.


Partnering with our team means

Welcoming you into our ecosystem comprised of industry leaders and partners creatives  

and top-tier multinational technology companies

We understand your needs and 

introduce you to relevant companies and potential partners

Access to events in which future innovation is discussed by top entrepreneurs and experts 

In order to support our companies and to bridge the gaps that we consistently see between market needs and talent we have created an internal Value Creation Team with main focus on partnering with leading industry players in order to better understand their needs and give them access to the most innovative solutions and outstanding talent.



leading Partners



M Euros

Obtiend grants







We are committed to offering high quality programs and services that are outcome based, and will support positive socio-economic development in our region.

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